The range of fluids-based research conducted at the University of Auckland is broad – from environmental projects covering dams and water supply networks, to biofluid and geothermal fluid dynamics, and nanofluidic transportation. The field is covered across two faculties – Engineering and Science – and interdisciplinary, inter-departmental collaborations are common.

Fluid dynamics

The Fluid Dynamics Group contracts research in a number of different areas, with a laboratory containing high speed lasers and stereoscopic Particle Image Velocimetry along with Rheometry to investigate the properties and behaviours of fluids.

Geothermal, reservoir engineering and environmental fluids

A group focused on research and consulting within geothermal energy – its environmental fluid research activities include computer modelling of tidal flows and the dispersal of pollutants in rivers and estuaries.

Hydraulic Engineering


Our specialised laboratory hosts a variety of Open Channel and Wave Flumes – including New Zealand’s largest flume –  and high-end equipment that enable our research into river mechanics, sediment movement/transport, flow structure and echohydraulics, hydraulic structures, and more. Read more about our Hydraulic Engineering research and Hydraulic Engineering laboratory.

Nanofluidics and soft condensed matter

Department of Physics-based research in nanofluidic transport – the motions of liquids on very small scales – is enhanced by the use of a high-speed camera. More information is available on Dr Geoff Willmott’s research website.

Water-worked environments

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering’s Dr Heide Friedrich leads a research team that boasts collaborations with researchers across our University, international contributors, and NIWA.